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KwaDukuza Municipality has 57 Councillors of which 29 are directly elected ward councillors, and 28 are proportional representative councillors. KwaDukuza Council meets on a monthly basis while the EXCO meets twice a month. Members of the public and media are also encouraged to attend some Council meetings.

KwaDukuza Council's Portfolio Committees set policies and guidance towards the implementation of all KwaDukuza Council delivery. These portfolio committees are structured as per the national guidelines. Each Portfolio Committee meets once per month. Their core function is to look at specific issues that relate to each portfolio committee, research those issues and find all the necessary facts before these issues are discussed by Councillors that sit in each of the portfolio committees.

The portfolio committees deliberate issues and then make recommendations to EXCO and the full Council, for the latter to take decisions. The KwaDukuza Council Portfolio Committees are as follows: Economic Development, Planning and Housing Amenities and Safety, Local Public Administration and HR, Infrastructure, Finance Portfolio Committee & Youth Affairs 

It is the era of delivery, and of staying committed to service delivery in a Batho Pele manner. The time has come to free our people from poverty, disease,economic and social marginalisation. KwaDukuza area of jurisdiction is ca.630 km in extent. The area stretches from the Zinkwazi River in the north to the Tongaat River in the South. Occupying a coastal and inland stretch of approximately 50 km in length and 14km in width, a variety of clustered and ad hoc settlements and small towns exist and is linked with a well developed network of roads and rail infrastructure.

The dominant land-use outside of the urban areas of the KwaDukuza Municipality is sugar cane plantations interspersed along the coast and in some inland areas with forestry plantations. Land taken up by other forms of agriculture is limited. The primary rural landform is agriculture with farmhouses, compounds and smaller rural settlements dispersed throughout the area. The only major traditional settlement within the area is located in the north-west portion of the
Municipal Area.

The Local municipality of KZ292 consists of

  • 29 wards;
  • 57 councillors in all.
  • 28 PR Councillors.
  • 29 Ward Councillors.
  • The geographical area of 629.54 square kilometers

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